Personalized Cultural Visits in Venice, Italy

Set on more than a hundred islands, Venice is perhaps the most unique and fascinating city in the world. The maze of winding streets leads to palaces, gardens, churches, and hidden museums seldom seen by most visitors.  Some of the worlds greatest artworks are found in famous museums like the Accademia, but also with in the churches and private institutions for which they were originally painted. 

The physical Venice is the result of a fascinating history that includes Roman times, the greatest maritime empire of the Mediterranean, and the decline and decadence of the 18th and 19th centuries.  But Venice is more than history, it is a living city filled with artisans, music, and food & drink.

«We felt like we were discovering the true Venice, instead of just getting the regular tourist run around» – Todd Schaffer & David Levine, Atlanta, GA

The challenge to the discerning visitor is how to avoid the modern commercialism of mass tourism and to see the full scope of the artistic, cultural, and social Venice that lives on. You’ll discover its great artistic and architectural heritage, the lagoon and its islands, and the artisans who still create works of art. 

Alvise provides the historical and social background that makes Venice come alive. He explains how the gondola is built and how it moves; how Venice grew from a marsh to control half the Mediterranean; and the role of Carnival in the city’s history.