One of the truly amazing aspects of Venice is the quantity of fine antiques on the market. Venice is home to many of the world’s best antique dealers, many of whom specialize in the beautiful, but hard to find antiques of the 1600’s and 1700’s. 

With Alvise you will learn about the history of the Venetian furniture and its makers, called «Marangoni». Venetians, in their days of decadence, had the finest furniture makers, carvers, and guilders to fill their palaces with the most sumptuous furnishings known to civilization. 

Many of those pieces can be found in the museums of the city, but others are still in the hands of private owners, and are occasionally on the market.

From the rare find discovered in some deceased aunt’s attic, to a breathtaking piece freshly restored with all fidelity to its original state, you’ll find a bit of everything available in Venice.

For the bargain hunters, each weekend there is an outdoor antique market in a different town in the country side, where you see vast amounts of antiques of all qualities. Even if you are not interested in buying, the fun is in looking.