Secrets gardens

The average tourist, once he overcomes the astonishment of the tranquillity in Venice, is next struck by the lack of green areas in Venice. However, Venice is full of gardens; they are just sheltered behind walls and accessible to very few. 

They are the private gardens of the elite, who care for them meticulously. In fact, the lack of green in the public areas inspires those who have gardens to work ever so diligently to keep them flourishing, and Venice boasts some of the finest gardens in Europe. With Venice à la Carte, you can see for yourself the wonders of these secret gardens. 

You’ll learn how the distinguished Venetians utilize the limited (and sometimes not so limited) spaces in order to create a restful haven away from the relatively hectic world beyond their walls.  You’ll understand the artistic and botanical elements which made the Venetian garden unique and see an element of Venetian life which very few are able to see, and you will have a greater understanding of the Venetian culture because of it.

This extraordinary selection is not available in the Winter months. Spring recommended.