The natural side

Go beyond Venice to the other islands of the lagoon. Discover the bigger picture of Venice on a Nature «Float» in the lagoon. 

You’ll learn about the delicate ecology of the lagoon, flowers, plants, birds and fish. In this course, you will go to St. Erasmo, Le Vignole, and Torcello – favorite islands for feasts and pleasures of noblemen in a by-gone era, now a relevant natural area, preserving the typical Mediterranean mark. Torcello is of notable interest, not only for the fabulous nature which flourishes today, but also for the historical relevance of the island as the first seat of the Venetian government 1500 years ago. 

You will learn about the Basilica which contains some of the oldest mosaics in the world, and the fascinating archaeological museum which reminds us how long the history of Venice really is.